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Kirby Cookie Charmcot

Kirby Cookie Charmcot

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Kirby Cookie Charmcot Blind Bag

Super adorable charms from the Kirby series that look like sweet cookies! Please try not to eat them! 

Each blind bag includes 1 charm and 1 gum (Soda flavored)

There are 14 different designs! Which one will you open?
1. Kirby
2. Waddle Dee
3. Waddle Do
4. Kirby of the Stars (logo)
5. Kirby (face)
6. Waddle Dee (face)
7. Meta Knight (Face)
8. King Dedede (face)
9. Kirby (Suikomi)
10. Kirby (Sleep)
11. Kirby (fruit)
12. Kirby (Gold Villa)
13. Kirby (hovering)
14. Kirby (1UP)

**Please note that this item is a blind bag. Meaning that it is a mystery inside!
Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.
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